Six Years of Success
The Colors of Saudi Arabia contest has achieved much success during its six-years journey and has grown to become one of the largest gatherings in the field of photography and tourism. Since 2012, when the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) launched Colors of Saudi Arabia for the first time to support tourism and sponsor talent in photography, it was an instant success and occupied a high status as one of the most prominent events in the Arab world. It also attracted more than 200,000 visitors, over 20,000 photographers taking a combined total of 40,000 photos and 300 tourism movies making it one of the biggest events to support and boost the tourism industry in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the event attracted local, Arab and international experts who achieved great accomplishments leading to many improvements in the tourism industry

Media Coverage
Owing to the great success of the Colors of Saudi Arabia on both local and Arab levels, it became the focus of many media outlets both regionally and internationally, attracting major coverage from satellite channels, such as MBC Group, along with full coverage within print, online and social media in the build up to the event.