Privacy Policy

​​User Information Privacy

The privacy and protection of your personal information is an essential matter for the Colors Gate, which is owned by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH). Accordingly, we take great care to protect your information and ensure the highest security standards. This policy describes the personal information that we are collecting, how we deal with it and protect it.

Scope of Application of This Policy
Whenever the word “SCTNH” is mentioned in this policy, it means the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage and affiliated offices. 

Personal Information Security at the SCTNH

We shall take appropriate procedures and measures to preserve your personal information and protect it against loss, unauthorized access, misuse, unauthorized amendment and disclosure. The most important methods the SCTNH applies to protect your personal information are: 
Strict procedures and measures to protect information security, including the technology we use to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to our systems.
Regular updates of protection protocols and measures that meet or exceed the industry standards.
Our staff is qualified and trained in respecting and maintaining the confidential information of our visitors. 
Protecting your privacy
To enable us to help you in protecting your information, we recommend the following:
Contact us immediately if you suspect that someone has obtained your password, user name or any other classified information. Our contact info is as follows:
Or, the General Department of Marketing Communications at the SCTNH via:
Tel: 00966 (011) 8808855
Fax: 00966 (011) 8808844
Do not release your perso​nal or classified information via telephone or the internet if you do not know the identity of the person or party who will receive the information.
Use a safe web browser when accessing this site via the internet and close websites and applications when you are finished with them. Also, make sure that you keep your Anti-virus program regularly updated.  
Nature of Information That We Collect and How We Use It
We collect and use certain user information in order to administer and update our programs and provide the best possible services to our users. Such information is collected from several sources, such as various application forms and any information coming through written or electronic means of communication between the SCTNH and you. This may include your name, address and identification number, occupation, and any other information. 

How Do We Use Your Information
Personal information that you present to the SCTNH will be used to provide you with the products and services that you requested, in addition to related purposes, such as updating your records at the SCTNH, following up on your application for a job or training, requesting services or other programs provided by the SCTNH.

Sending Electronic Messages to the Colors Gate
When you use the Colors Gate to inquire about a certain product or service or provide any information via electronic or non-electronic communications, we will use your email address to answer your questions. Also, your e-mail address, your message and our reply might be saved for quality control, legal and monitoring purposes. 

Sharing Your Information
We may share your information relating to your activities with SCTNH, according to the limit allowed by the related systems, with the following bodies: 
The SCTNH branches at the Provinces
The related ministries and governmental institutions
Maintaining Correct and Accurate Information
Keeping your information accurate and regularly updated is very important. If you have any changes in your personal or contact information, please let us know so we can make the required updates and amendments. Also, if you discover your account has been tampered with or unauthorized changes have been made to it, contact us immediately so we can resolve the situation. 

Changes Made to This Policy
Occasionally, we might need to make some changes in the SCTNH policy regarding information privacy. The new version will be posted on the SCTNH’s website. 

For More Information
If you have questions concerning this policy, or if you wish to obtain more information about our procedures for protecting your information, please contact us at the following:
Or, the General Department of Marketing Communications at the SCTNH via:
Tel: 00966 (011) 8808855
Fax: 00966 (011) 8808844